WHY TO DO Discounts on the maintenance of your building while you can have a steady discount all year round? Choose an annual maintenance and management package tailored to the specific needs of your building, and look around!

With the annual discount package, you enjoy special rates in basic apartment building management and maintenance services (eg communal, disinfection, obstruction, fire extinguishers, boiler room).

Eligible Annual Discount Package Services:

  • disinfection of communal areas (repetitive)
  • sewerage maintenance (repeat)
  • cleaning of the sewerage network (once)
  • printing of bills (monthly)
  • cleaning workshop (weekly)
  • maintenance of oil / gas burner
  • maintenance of hand and ceiling fire extinguishers

This annual package includes everything your apartment building needs… and even more! Also ask us for shuttering wells, extraordinary boiler room control, technical repair of any damage and whatever else you need.