We are always at your disposal, in the summer of winter, to meet your every need and, of course, to shield the safety of your boiler room.

We have selected with the most strict criteria the most skilled burner / boiler technicians, so we are able to provide you with complete safety and reliability: heating system maintenance, direct damage repair, boiler and burner replacements, new heating installations and integrated studies for the installation of natural gas.

Our top benefits include:

  • the maintenance of oil, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas burners
  • the installation of burners and boilers for oil, gas and natural gas
  • heating autonomy
  • heating and boiler automation
  • the issue of a certificate of maintenance (or control) and non-polluting environment sheet (PPEA), which is mandatory by ministerial decision

All 24Service craftsmen have the legal permission of the appropriate ministry. Thanks to their long experience and continuous training, they guarantee the perfect control of your burners and boilers.

After each inspection, we deliver to the building manager the certificate of maintenance, control and regulation of the central heating installations according to the PPEA (Athens Environmental Pollution Control Program) standards.

In this way, we ensure longer life for the heating system of your property, as well as maximum thermal efficiency and economy. And all this with the least possible dirt!