The presence of pests in personal or public places poses serious risks to human health and hygiene. Therefore, regular decontamination should be at the highest on our priorities.

The fight against bacteria, microbes, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms provides shielding against infectious diseases and is essential in residential, medical or hotel establishments, waiting or catering centers, in groups of collective or public utilities, or busy shops etc .

However, it should be mentioned that disinfecting work is carried out only by licensed professionals because they require specialization to do this type of work.

We provide specialized crews with well-trained disinfectants that are working under the supervision of a responsible chemist with many years of experience. We use substances that are active but non-toxic to humans.

The disinfecting workshop and extermination, as well as 24Service’s knowledgeable disinfectants relieve you and your space of all sorts of insects and unwanted rodents: cockroaches, mice or rats, bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, mites, ticks, flies, etc.

We perform: sprays, nebulous sprays (for enclosed enclosures), applications with gels, fumigation, placement of bait stations (for the purpose of rooting), termite eradication applications, repelling other insects, birds and / or reptiles.

We only supply and apply branded special formulations (medicines) approved for residential premises. So, we provide you with economical and effective disinfection, safe for you, your children, your pets, and the elderly or vulnerable members of a community.

24Service’s practices are fully in line with the provisions of Greek, European and international law and related legislation.

We provide both private individuals and businesses or organizations of health concern with a parasitology certificate that lists all disinfection, disinsectisation, deratization, etc., as well as the top quality formulations used by our specialized crews.