We take responsibility for any work related to plumbing because it is the most important part of the operation and maintenance of your home and / or business premises.

The water, drainage and heating materials we use (copper, iron, plastic, polypropylene, multi-layer pipes, etc.) are ISO certified and have a life span of over a century! We also insulate all outdoor piping and install or repair drains or gutters.

There are many different plumbing jobs that can come out in a home or business property.

24service wil undertake the following:

  • repairing or replacing sanitary items
  • repairing or replacing the water heater
  • maintenance of radiators as well as burner / boiler (see also section: Heating systems)

In addition, we undertake the installation and maintenance of a solar water heater, which is an ideal solution for the climate of Greece due to its high efficiency and the constant production of hot water it provides.

Ask us about the modern solar systems, and we will propose the right solution according to your space. Remember that solar thermal energy is an ally of your home and / or your business unit.