It is a common assumption that the distribution and collection property charges, and shared maintenance expenses causes headaches to the individual manager of a block of flats and often expose them to omissions. Also, there are not only a few times when the issue of parcels causes … friction between the occupants.

Do you want to get rid of the bills?

Leave your apartment on top of us because we are next to you 24 hours a day!

We apply a proprietary shared-cost printing system for your apartment building, which is both detailed and easy to verify the final amounts.

 Among other things, we take care of:

  • monthly issue and collection of property charges at predetermined hours and days
  • any process that falls within the common areas of your apartment building (eg heating fuel receipt, payment of DEKO bills etc.)
  • Keeping management accounts available to each owner for any check being requested
  • planning and execution of technical works in public areas which have been decided by the general assembly of the building.

And because cleanliness is … half the nobility, we also undertake the weekly cleaning of all your communal spaces (see also section: Cleanliness).

Our crews will make you represented honourablyas. they are composed by experienced and, of course, trusted cleaning professionals.

Do not forget that all this and much more can be ordered at a single, privileged price – our offers in the section: Discount Work Package!!